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We all know the importance of not only your own health, but of you having a healthy family; that is why it is getting more and more important that health care services are more easily accessible to anyone and everyone. We all have busy lives and hectic schedules so sometimes what is perceived as just a ten minute stop off at the doctors' surgery often doesn't even fit into our days. *

I mean, you have the travel time there and back (unless you are lucky enough to live right next door), you have the waiting time, which we all know is always (and I mean always) longer than expected; and then you have the trip to the pharmacy if it is needed, which incurs more waiting time. So when you think you can just pop to the doctor in your lunchtime, you are often met with an angry boss looking at his watch on your return! *

This is why more and more individuals are turning to the online clinic option, with access now via Facebook for some clinics like the one that we have highlighted. You can be 'seen' by a professional in the comfort of your own home, therefore avoiding taking more time out of your day, and you also avoid having to be surrounded by germs that are ever present in doctor’s surgeries. Many people feel nervous at talking to a doctor or nurse in person; for these people an online clinic is a great option. It is also there for those who are feeling too sick or in pain to leave the house to go to the doctors. *

So we know the benefits of an online clinic as apposed to a walk in clinic, but is there anything that we should be cautious about? Many online clinics are popping up all over the web and are many are unlicensed! This is so unsafe. If you are given the wrong diagnosis this can be dangerous, if not life threatening. Your symptoms could stay the same, worsen or become fatal, so it is of the upmost importance that a licensed professional sees you. checking an online clinic's license couldn’t be any easier. All you need to do is have a look on theCare Quality Commission website or the General Medical Council website, where you can search for the name of the doctor and it will tell you whether or not they are licensed. It really is that simple! *

It is one thing to know whether or not they are licensed but you may also want to know what their services are like. It is always great to hear from other people, everyday people who are not in the profession, to know how their experience was with that particular clinic and whether or not they would recommend them. You can visit an online clinic review site such as to find a legitimate and honest online customer reviews. In fact you can find a whole bunch of them so that you can really feel at ease and confident in your decision! Another way to hear about what others think of the clinic, doctors, services and medication is by checking out the online clinic's social media feeds. You can look at their Facebook or even twitter pages. Facebook would be easier as you can see what people have written on the clinic's Facebook page and also have a look at their responses to the comments*

You also need to be sure that the medication that they are offering you, that you will then buy and spend your money on, is legitimate. The best way to do this is by checking the status of the online clinic with the Care Quality Commission. You can do this by visiting their website which is very easy to navigate. Again, reviews from individuals like you would be a great way to check the legitimacy as if the medication is common, the chances are someone has probably already done the research him or herself and posted their findings on the review sites. *

So once you are sure about the clinic that you have found, the process is simple. You will usually visit the site, sign in or register and then book your appointment. Once it is scheduled to suit you, you will be contacted by the appropriate healthcare professional for your appointment or consultation. When you have found a legitimate online clinic it really is a fantastic way to be provided with the health service you need without all of the negatives that are associated with visiting the doctors. *

Here's to a happy and healthy you! *


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I was almost giving up hope of ever bearing a child and I just couldn't take the pressure any longer. At my weakest moment, I consulted these experts and they gave me a whole new dimension of what I needed to do. If you are childless and you are out there, don't ever give up hope until you talk to these great people. 
By Elizabeth Miah
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Happy Clients

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I am now four months pregnant, all thanks to these people. I will forever be grateful that you were there for me when I desperately needed help. They will help you as much as they can. Trust me on that.
By Elise Burrows